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Becoming Pink Cloud Catering!

Updated: Mar 19

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Becoming Pink Cloud Catering

For years you’ve known us as Chef Mike, Sarasota’s Number 1 private chef but we’ve got something new up our sleeve. Mike started seven years ago in Sarasota doing meal prep and deliveries out of his home. He then grew his business into the private chef catering company we all know and love today. But we are still growing! Mike’s newest venture in the world of catering is Pink Cloud Catering. Yeah Chef Mike SRQ has been catering events like weddings and parties for years, but Pink Cloud catering takes things to a whole other level!

Bride and Groom hugging at their reception

What is a pink cloud?

A pink cloud is the honeymoon phase, being on a pink cloud involves feelings of exhilaration or euphoria. The person is overjoyed with their life. They feel successful and confident they will remain strong in the future.

A pink cloud vector art

What’s the difference between Chef Mike and Pink Cloud Catering?

So, what’s the difference between Chef Mike and Pink Cloud Catering? They’re both run by the same people, right? And run out of the same kitchen? So why start a brand-new company? Pink Cloud Catering is a high end catering company specializing in elevated experiences for larger events like weddings, cocktail parties, sweet sixteen/Quinceanera and more! Whereas Chef Mike is targeted towards more intimate occasions like private chef dinners and dinner parties. But don’t worry Pink Cloud Catering still has the quality and service that Chef Mike offers.

A buffet ready to serve at a catered wedding

What is an elevated experience?

You’re probably wondering what an elevated experience is, An elevated experience is the magic touch that takes your event to the next level. It’s what takes your event from blah to WOW! Some of the elevated experiences we offer are:

· Caricature artist

· Photo booths

· Live painting

· Interactive seating carts

· Bubble machine

· Dry ice fog

· Lawn games

· And much more!

We also offer elevated food experiences such as:

· Champagne wall

· Fresh spun cotton candy

· Snow cones

· Mocktail bar

· Smores station

· Mashed potato bar

· Ice sculptures

· Donut wall

· Sushi Station

· Fresh popped popcorn

· And much more!

Santa at a catered Christmas party

A kid enjoys the S'mores station display by Pink Cloud Catering

In house wedding/event planning.

Another service Pink Cloud Catering offers is in-house wedding and event planning. Our trained event coordinators are here to help you plan your special day from start to finish. From picking out your colors to getting you down the aisle we will be there every step of the way to make sure your event comes together just the way you envisioned. But we do so much more than weddings! We can help plan birthday parties, themed events, cocktail parties and much more! If you found it on Pinterest we can make it happen!

Event staff setting the long dining table for the wedding reception

What sets us apart from other caterers?

So why choose Pink Cloud Catering? What sets us apart from other caterers in the Sarasota/Tampa area? One of the biggest things that sets us apart is our mobile kitchen. With our mobile kitchen we can cook anywhere including at venues that do not have kitchens. We do 90% of our cooking on site to ensure you and your guest have hot fresh food throughout your whole event. Our trained chefs are passionate about the food they make. They make everything from scratch or buy products produced locally in Sarasota.

Something else that sets us apart from other caterers is our highly trained and dedicated staff. Most of our staff members have been in the hospitality industry for most of their careers. Our staff has been trained in catering etiquette to ensure that your event goes smoothly and without any interruption.

Event Staff double checking the buffet set up

Caterers who care.

Here at Pink Cloud Catering we truly care about you and your event. We want to make your special day a day to remember. We pride ourselves on making sure you and your guest have good food and a good time! We want to work with you to ensure that everything is perfect. We want to customize your event so it’s one of a kind!

Chef Mike and his team make silly poses in silly Christmas outfits

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